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July 04, 2018

the surrender collective

/ðə,ðɪ,ðiː səˈrɛndə kəˈlɛktɪv/ 

a collective of out-of-the-ordinary creative individuals 

surrender is proud to present our latest side project, the surrender collective: an initiative that endeavours to bring together and highlight up-and-coming, under-the-radar creative individuals who bring something different, fresh and exciting to the community. at surrender, we are all about cultivating our artistic eco-system; co-existing together harmoniously and helping one another grow in support, aspiration and mutual respect. 

for the second instalment, we talk to royce tan, founder and owner of singapore’s first rage room, the fragment room

featured on notable news portals like HYPEBEAST, the fragment room has always been on surrender’s radar as a place to check out in singapore. with different packages available which includes safety gear and breakables that you can smash to your heart’s content with baseball bats or even a supreme crowbar, stressed out customers can come here to vent in a safe, private and aesthetically pleasing environment. 

check out the a-cold-wall* ss18 feature editorial we shot with royce at the fragment room: a-cold-wall* ss18


we speak to royce to find out more. 


if you could only wear one brand for the rest of your life, what would it be?

rt: uniqlo.

if you could be ceo of any brand, what would it be?

rt: uniqlo.


if you could be any superhero or villain, what would you be?

rt: honestly, i would be a power ranger. 


your ideal getaway?

rt: anywhere that i wouldn’t sweat.


favourite pizza topping?

rt: pepperoni.


how do you like your coffee?

rt: bougie… no, i’m kidding. just your regular kopi peng (iced coffee) from the corner hawker stall.


if you could have dinner with any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?

rt: i’m quite an awkward person, so i don’t think i would want to have dinner with a stranger. 


if you were stranded on a desert island, what are your 3 must-haves?

rt: honestly, i’d probably die as i have zero survival skills, so it doesn’t matter what i’d have, unless it was a genie… or bear grylls. 


if you could be any animal, what would you be?

rt: a dog, but not in a place where people eat dogs.


what would your last meal be?

rt: kfc.


if we looked into your spotify account, what would we find?

rt: i listen to everything, from emo, jazz, techno, hiphop, indie, pop… all the guilty pleasures. 


what is one talent you wished you had?

rt: any talent really, i don’t really have any talents.


favourite karaoke song to jam out to?

rt: anything by jay chou. 


what are your top 5 movies that everyone has to watch?

rt: limitless, zombieland, chappie, kungfu hustle and hot tub time machine. 


the world would be a better place if…

rt: people learned to be more open-minded and came to compromises. 


be sure to follow royce and the fragment room. 

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