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August 13, 2019

military pocket shirt and lurex top: faith connexion, pants: rokh, jungle hat: wtaps


the surrender collective | charmaine seah

surrender is proud to present our next chapter of the surrender collective: an initiative that endeavours to bring together creative individuals who bring something different and exciting to the community. at surrender, we are all about cultivating our creative eco-system; co-existing together harmoniously and helping one another grow in support, aspiration and mutual respect.

for the third instalment, we speak to charmaine seah, the co-founder of creative design agency, elementary co, and all-around effortless cool cat with two absolutely adorable children.

always on-point with her instinctive fashion sensibilities, scroll on to discover charmaine’s favourite pieces from fashion-forward brands faith connexion and rokh and how she would umm, “rokh” them.

be sure to follow charmaine on her instagram and check out elementary.co!


all pieces: rokh


if you could be any animal, what would you be?
cs: A Giraffe. Would be nice to be tall, for a change.

who is the one person—dead or alive— right on top of your list of people you’d have coffee with?
cs: My late Grandma. I just really miss her.

What essentials do you bring with you wherever you go?
cs: Lipstick - there are always at least 2 in my bag, Sunglasses, Wet wipes, and I’m never without my phone. Who is, right?

top and skirt: faith connexion

favorite food joint in town?
cs: blue label pizza. I could eat Pizza every day and not be sick of it.

if we looked into your spotify account, what would we find?
cs: Lots of Toro Y Moi & Deathcab for Cutie - still riding the high from those 2 concerts.

one talent you wished you had?
cs: That I could play the guitar. I guess it’s not too late to learn though

coat: rokh

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
cs: S Club 7. That and Hello Kitty.

your top 3 movies that everyone should watch?
cs: Such a 90s Kid but I’m going to have to go with:
- Marie Antoinette
- Empire Records
- R+J. Quintessential Leo at his absolute finest.

the world would be a better place if…
cs:Trump got kicked out of the White House.

what’s the trick to running an agency and being a mom?
Being ok with surviving on minimal sleep, and wine. Always wine. Ok maybe Vodka Soda too.

First thing you do when you wake up?
Put on my contact lenses. I’m legally blind (my degree is 800+ in each eye!) and I hate wearing glasses.