December 07, 2018

Surrender is proud to present Every Second Counts x Kazuki Kuraishi, a collection of urban inspired men’s sportswear for AW18/19. The collaboration is a first for Every Second Counts, who since launching in 2014, have focused on perfecting their male and female technical sportswear offering and developing their range of luxe athleisurewear.
Established Japanese clothing and footwear designer, Kazuki Kuraishi, has executed and directed design projects for the likes of adidas, BAPE, Levis, NEIGHBORHOOD, and CASH CA, as well as developing his own label THE FOURNESS. For 2018, he has worked together with Every Second Counts to develop a collection that defines his minimalist yet sophisticated style.

“Globally, women are already mixing gym and street wear but in Japan, where I live, I haven’t met many people doing this. Perhaps, this is a new challenge for fashion. If you can wear it comfortably at the gym, it’s no doubt comfortable at any other occasion. It would delight me to see gym wear accepted as a fashion item and expanding itself into daily styles. While working on the designs, I was thinking how wonderful it would be if people who don’t go to the gym liked my design and incorporated it into their daily style.”

— Designer, Kazuki Kuraishi 

Inspired by how the UK and Japanese markets view and style sportswear so differently, Kazuki gave the collection a slogan “Make Me Like It”. The collection was designed to provide the UK market with uniquely constructed, hybrid garments and introduce the Asian market to a new fashion-forward way of wearing sportswear.

The Every Second Counts x Kazuki Kuraishi pop-up will run in-store for a month at Surrender, with a sure-win giveaway for every purchase made.