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[new in] surrender introduces the highly coveted 99%is-

April 26, 2017

“There is that whole 1 percent of culture that most people don’t care about, but to me and my friends, it's our 99 percent” – Bajowoo

Founded by Seoul-born, Tokyo-based designer Bajowoo, 99%IS- (99 percentis) strongly depicts a blend of underground subcultures such as punk and hip-hop through its collection of meticulously handcrafted clothing.

The Spring Summer ’17 collection, Against Great Truth, presents a hint of futuristic touch amongst the heavily punk influenced detailing and is built around the idea that truth is what Bajowoo sees, feels and thinks – wherever he goes he makes it his own. 

Discover the collection of intricately made pieces and highly coveted Hart and Halloween Custom Caps now in-store at Surrender in limited quantities only.