[new in] mindseeker – embracing uniqueness through vintage garments

March 27, 2017

Surrender introduces Mindseeker as part of its curation of brands.  Founded in 2016, the Los Angeles based brand is greatly inspired by street culture and its scenes.  Mindseeker’s design studio operates under the constant inspiration from their vast network of young-generation artists and musicians from Japan and the U.S., contributing to their unique expression of creativity.

The brand comprises of two lines of collection – the production line and vintage one-of-a-kind line.  Each vintage item is one off and handcrafted from quality vintage garments taken off Mindseeker’s exclusive channel of vintage apparel selection.  Expect to find pieces from tees and hoodies to plaid shirts and long coats bearing colorful graphics and unique detailing.

View both the production and vintage lines from Mindseeker now in-store at Surrender!