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December 05, 2018

Born from the concept of using artisanal perfume as an olfactory memory, Meo Fusciuni blends fragrances that—in unique and poetic fashion—, recalls moments of life lived. An independent Italian brand, Meo Fusciuni blends together a multifaceted modern vision of nomadic travels, poetry and mysticism—creating an emotional scent-sory journey that lasts a lifetime.  

Smell is a soul that shapes our shadow 

"The poetic pyramid, followed by the olfactory one. This is my belief, smell before perfume, poetry before molecules. For me creating is an art, is a way to revive the emotions and sensations experienced, so do not create merely perfumes to wear, but they have to be a means to identify an artistic expression”
— Giuseppe Imprezzabile 

"I'd like to move people with the smells, tell a story without images or sounds, 
almost without touching that little perfumed cloud that close to us spreads"
— Giuseppe Imprezzabile 

Created by herbalist and chemist, Giuseppe Imprezzabile, Meo Fusciuni’s artisanal perfumes are made in Italy, using only naturally-derived vegetable alcohol and raw materials of the highest quality. 

Discover the Meo Fusciuni fragrance library, now available in-store at Surrender. 

Perfumes available at Surrender: 

#1 Nota Di Viaggio - Rites De Passage
#2 Nota Di Viaggio - Shrukran…
#3 Nota Di Viaggio - Ciavuru D’Amuri 
Little Song