Military Aesthetics From WTAPS And Neighborhood

March 09, 2017



In perfect synergy with their mil-spec'd aesthetics, WTAPS comes through once again with a highly anticipated Tigerstripe Camouflage number.  This capsule comes in the form of a Crew Neck, Hoodie and Tee all with the classic WTAPS signature logo emblazoned boldly across the chest, while adopting a slightly oversized silhouette for a laid back vibe.


On the military tip, from the 34th collection is a highly coveted quilt Team Jacket featuring a re-imagined and simplified military airborne logo.


Recurring themes of Americana, Military, Workwear, vintage and the California gold rush era come to mind when looking at Neighborhood's Spring/Summer ’17 collection. This season, hand drawn pieces from their classic prints integrate seamlessly with Neighborhood's fascination with various themes from the Wild West. Now in-store at Surrender!