Haculla | Fall Winter 2016 Collection

Haculla is a designer streetwear collection inspired by the street art of Harif Guzman, a contemporary artist living in New York City.  His works have been exhibited internationally as well as across the United States.  Gaining recognition as a street artist under his alter ego name “Haculla” in New York paved the way to the incredible success of Guzman’s iconic characters.  Often executed in collage form, his works are distinctive, provocative and dark in nature.  He is also known for exploring topics such as women, materialism and popular culture.

The Haculla F/W 16 collection showcases their first usage of vibrant colors amongst their once black-and-white-only collections.  The introduction of colors brings out an extremely fresh vibe to the pieces especially with the Punkwork Overshirt and Bite Me Crew Neck.

Now available online & exclusive items only available in Surrender Pop-Up at Mandarin Gallery.