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January 30, 2020

For his third stand-alone collection, Tokyo-based designer Fumito Ganryu reflects on our tech-driven society, where everything and everyone is surveilled, quantifiable and trackable, and the only antidote is contact with nature. A new landscape is created through design and styling: each look tells its own story, and a narrative thread cuts across the entire collection.


Silhouettes follow function. Comfort and movement are key. Fabrics convey a subdued sense of luxury.

Digital inkjet sky, raindrop, stars and grass motifs are combined in a logical way, mimicking different natural landscapes. Hi-tech fabrics which render colours more vibrant - meet raw, organic textures including linen and an ultra-lightweight cotton and silk blend used on shirts, trousers and unstructured jackets. Striped jersey tops are seamless and made from a single piece of fabric.

Tailoring speaks to a versatile lifestyle. Jackets are boxy at the shoulders, while a back pleat makes for a genderless inspired A-line silhouette that encourages a wider range of motion. Waistcoats are oversized and combined with ample trousers. Big coats are constructed as robes. A classic duffle coat takes on kimono sleeves and details, and a minimal, enveloping trench coat is easily tied up with a belt and meant for everyday life.

Details and finishings are borrowed from outdoor clothing. Function is as important as form in zipped side vents and signature snaps and eyelets in polished grey metal.

A palette of nature-inspired colours is interspersed with black and becomes more and more vivid as the show advances.

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