Christian Dada Fall Winter 2016 | "Love On The Left Eye"

January 27, 2016


CHRISTIAN DADA presents its men’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection “Love On The Left Eye” at the Galerie Perrotin on 22nd January 2016 during Paris Fashion Week. In collaboration with Japanese legendary photographer Mr. Nobuyoshi Araki, designer Masanori Morikawa created a collection inspired by Araki’s images as tribute to the photographer’s art contributions.

“Living in modern times, I feel like the sense of “life and death” is getting even closer to myself. By thinking about that, I came across works of Araki, which often employ the theme in his own very unique way, and that was what sort of gave me an idea for the collection.” – Masanori Morikawa

Morikawa encountered the series of work entitled “Love On The Left Eye” when he was visiting Araki’s solo exhibition at Taka Ishii Gallery in 2014. Due to a retinal artery obstruction, Araki has been largely unable to see out of his right eye since 2013. As a result, Araki shot the photographs for “Love on the Left Eye” on slide film and coloured in the right side of the film with a black magic marker before any prints were made. The printed photographs then reflect Araki’s vision – the left side represents a clear image, while the right side is clouded. This series epitomises the Araki of today – a declaration that “photography is life”.

“Death comes towards us all, you know, I don’t want to approach it myself, but there’s no getting around the fact that it’s coming. You just have to laugh it off!” – Nobuyoshi Araki

Morikawa was inspired to incorporate the photographs into the latest CHRISTIAN DADA collection using a very delicate technique of digital jacquard, printing and embroidery. Several pieces also employ traditional artisanal Japanese techniques such as Yokoburi and Yuzen to bring authenticity and uniqueness to the collection. It is these distinctive techniques, combined with elements of leather, denim, knit and wool melton that have become the brand’s design signatures. Morikawa brings depth to his designs through layering multiple techniques over each other, for example embroidered detail atop jacquard flowers on a double-breasted jacket. Aspects of Araki’s work emanate throughout the collection in details such as buckles, ties and braided rope, which refer back to the bondage theme in the photographs. Silhouettes are brought to life with details including unfinished edges and seams adorned with patches and embroidery. The collection utilises a colour palette inspired by the photographs, highlighting olive, blue, purple and red. The result of this collaboration where art meets fashion culminates into a visually captivating collection, which will be displayed alongside Araki’s photos from “Love On The Left Eye”.

“It is so fun to see my work transformed into other forms. It’s like adding a new story to my work. I like to see that it keeps spreading like that through people so the spirit will be inherited to younger generations, you know.” Nobuyoshi Araki.