Marcelo Burlon Spring Summer 2016 Mens

A cultural wanderer, jack of many trades and all-around mover and shaker, Marcelo Burton epitomises a defining quality of modernity. Based in Milan, he spends most of his time on planes and trots around the world as a much sought-after party organiser, dj, designer, photographer, nightlight wizard and more. Constantly pushing boundaries of creativity, it comes as no surprise that the label has since conquered the fashion world. 

Acting as a catalyst, Marcelo’s unique network is constantly growing. Operating under the moniker County of Milan: a multi-cults blender of fashion, music, nightlife, extreme beauty, and now a full clothing line that created a global phenomenon, he creates his very own symbology and celebrates diversity. 

His latest Spring collection features the recognisable bold prints in vivid colours, strongly multicultural with a mix of symbols, stripes and patterns.