Mostly Heard Rarely Seen | Spring Summer 2016

January 25, 2016

Mostly Heard Rarely Seen (MHRS) is a high-street fashion label designed by Thomas "Tomakira" Li. Originally born in Hong Kong and raised in Japan, Tomakira has developed his own unique style of Eastern-inspired street fashion, a reflection of the youth and art cultures that thrive in Tokyo and Hong Kong. 

The collection is highly detailed and focusses in design, quality and innovation. Throughout the collection there is an emphasis on being "rarely seen" and the brand's visuals often entail the concept of covering one's face with items such as face masks, hats and sunglasses. The anonymity of covering one's face is where the designer draws his inspiration from and much of the design is rooted in not seeing, but hearing and touching. Thus, the design and aesthetic of the collection include the use of innovative appliques and various textures in the form of fabrication and finishing. 

MHRS is not simply a clothing brand, but a cultural movement. A brand that garners the attitude and energy of the rebellious youth and promotes the concept of being different through the creative freedom of thought and style. 

To view the label's latest collection, click through for the lookbook. Available now in Surrender at the Raffles Hotel Arcade & Salon by Surrender at the Marina Bay Sands.