Gosha Rubchinskiy | From Russia with Love

February 03, 2016

Since starting the label in 2008, Gosha Rubchinskiy, the Muscovite designer, and photographer, has struck gold in the recent seasons with his Russian take on the Soviet-era street style and skate culture of the 1980s. 

Recognizable characters emblazoned in Cyrillic and Mandarin, and flag images of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, take a nod to the two nations political tensions as it works to etch the brand into your mind. For his latest showing, models as young as 13 wear the buzz cut and mullet styles, transforming into Russian youths as seen through the eyes of Rubchinskiy. Sporting high sports socks and oversized jackets in Russian flag colours and athletic silhouettes, the label proves that the streetwear aesthetic no longer comes solely from America. 

With the label more regularly seen in street style galleries, Gosha Rubchinskiy also recently released his second photo book titled " Youth Hotel" where he presents to us snaps of his world with Russian boys through iconography and imagery as he re-visits the post-Soviet undergrounds analyzed for his recent 1984 collection. 

"It’s not really about a youth hotel as such. It’s more about the culture of youth. For me that’s like a hotel, a glimpse of time, you can spend a small amount of time there, but you have to move on, the energy changes, you grow up. Young people have new ideas, new ways and a new look on normality, that’s why I follow them and why they make the best portraits. For me, this book represents a new generation of hope, the future of Russia now.”

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