VISVIM X BLAISE MAUTIN | Subsection Fragrance Collection

Japanese luxury label visvim, has once again worked with Master Perfumer, Blaise Mautin, for a new home fragrance and perfume to add to their lifestyle range. Created for the Subsection Fragrance line, these 18th Century scents are packaged in pristine, clean looking boxes, with the Subsection Room Spray coming in a conical flask shaped container,  complete with the markings you would expect to find on a laboratory flask. 

It all started from a stay at the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris, where Hiroki Nakamura fell in love with the scents lingering all around the hotel. The first scent Mautin created for Hiroki was one titled Newborn, to help him commemorate what it would be like to have a new baby, as his wife was pregnant at the time. The next scent designed was the NO.1 F.I.L, a patchouli based smell with fruity bottom notes. That carried on to designing the scent for the Kyoto store, inspired by a discovery of a very old factory that made incense bars with wooden cases that smelled intensely of honey. 

Blaise believes that the product he makes is of utmost importance, more so than money spent on advertising or packaging, hence a very logo-free, simple box, but inside it, a memory in the form of a scent you take with you, or live with, one that reminds you of a moment or time you may never get back - a philosophy he lives by and truly hopes to pass on to all of his customers. 

The No.1 F.I.L scents are now available at Surrender at the Raffles Hotel Arcade in limited quantities.