Emotional Baggage


Emotional baggage is the brainchild of Rewind, UK’s premier online destination for unique luxury vintage fashion. It’s more than a side project, it’s a labour of love born out of an urge to create raw, edgy images that describe the 21st century woman in a refreshing light.

The idea was brought to life by a creative team championed by the brand’s founder Claudia Ricco, who partnered with Janan Shihadeh, a gifted Palestinian artist and above all, an incredible friend with an inspiring life story. They first met 14 years ago, and although their relationship had a funny start, it turned out to be one of the sincerest friendships there is – the type that makes you grow.

The spirit behind the brand is humorous and artistic at the same time. Everyone has emotional baggage – we are all damaged in diverse and interesting ways.

By mixing fashion with modern art and fresh, out-of-the box ideas for expressing yourself and your beloved, character-building scars, they’ve created bags that celebrate one of the most glamorous projects any of us can undertake: learning how to carry our emotional baggage well with humour and style.

Visit the Salon by Surrender | Marina Bay Sands to check out this beauty, it come with Authenticity card.