October 28, 2016

Second drop for 424 in our Surrender Mandarin Gallery POP-UP store this Sunday, 30th October 2016 at 11:00AMCop the highly coveted 424 Oil Money Cap, Donald Chump Tee, Distressed Oversized Denim Hoodie and more… 

Based in Los Angeles, Guillermo Andrade is the lead designer of 424 on Fairfax.  The brand refines modern taste with a punk rebellious edge through the use of anti-directives.  Railing against corporate interests in light of the recent oil spills in the US and the lack of effective clean-up efforts, 424’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection is most appropriately dubbed “Oil Money."

Andrade and his team developed an “Oil Money” wash that is applied onto their signature denim collection to represent their take on what happens when a drop of oil gets in the water – that the water/denim is forever tainted.