Christian Dada | Spring/Summer 2016 “AGAINST”

Photo credit: Davydova Yana

News Headline: Outlaw bikers got kicked out of the Sage Valley race, rioting in the small town named Hollister in 1953.

The new collection is inspired by the character of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Gang-led Marlon Brando from "The Wild One" directed by Stanley Kramer in the early '50s.

The rough character living in a rebellious world, this guy is drawn to the purest soul for his inner peace. Designer Masanori Morikawa depicts this version of men by blending in the masculine silhouette in horse leather with the exquisite traditonal Japanese yokoburi embroidery. Nishijin weaving jacqaurd is the signature application in the CHRISTIAN DADA collection to further represent the sentimental state in the bad boys.

Born in 1984, Morikawa found CHRISTIAN DADA in 2010 under the heavy influence of Dadaism, which embraces imperfections, breaking away from societal norms. The rejection of perfection, reason and logic is shown in the designs as the garments provoke a feeling of deconstruction and mystery.