Off-White | PARIS, IL 119

August 03, 2015



As designer for his OFF-WHITE label and creative director to Kanye West, Virgil Abloh is a man of many hats. Today, the Chicago native continues to stretch his creative talent through different outlets, his latest being Paris, IL.

Here, the creative polymath shares his inspirations from music as a DJ under the FLAT WHITE moniker. The man has done well to establish himself as not only a fashion designer, but also a tasteful music curator. Now, the Chicago native has teamed up with Bromance Records' affiliate, Guillaume Berg, for Paris, IL.

The project was born out of a desire to bring underground club culture to the public; Bridging the gap between runway glamour and the unlit basement parties. “People came to us with song requests during Fashion Week that other DJs were already playing on rotation. We wanted to bring something else to the table, to connect underground club music with a different audience. In a way Paris, IL is a polite way of saying “fuck off, we don’t take requests!”

This initiative, predominantly in the genre of deep house, is a collaborative venture with Berg. “We’re just trying to have fun, be spontaneous and bring a good vibe to people” says Berg, a key figure in Paris’ club scene. On the creative process, Berg spoke of designing “fliers with a pen in between trains, flights … like how this mix has been made. The creative direction and the choices of the tracks — that’s what makes Paris, IL. No more reckless clubbing…”. And the result is a transatlantic stunt revolving around the cultural influence of both.

With a number of shows coming underway and a couple of mixtapes released, Paris, IL is just at the beginning of an exciting journey.

So, give it a go, you're in for a treat.