Jarre Technologies | Jean Michel Jarre

In 2005 Jean Michel Jarre, legendary pioneer of electronic music, through uncompromising music quality and cutting edge technology, incepted Jarre Technologies. Jarred Technologies had the aim of bridging the gap in sound and visual technology to service the creation of a range of aesthetic home-entertainment products.

“With the progress of technology, the conditions of recording music in the studio have advanced considerably, whereas the means of listening in general have not ceased to regress: the vinyl has been replaced by the CD, largely inferior in quality, which has now given way to even more low-grade MP3 files”, said Jarre.

Let your music take centre stage with the fierce and full bodied AeroBull speaker. The canine display piece, provides the high definition sound that comes from Jarre Technologies commitment to technological innovation. The AeroBull is designed as a statement piece that combines wit and function; Blasting out crystalline sounds through an amp, two full range drivers and a subwoofer, this canine is a beast when it comes to making music.

Founded by the musical legend, Jean Michel Jarre, Jarre Technologies has unveiled its latest speaker system, the Aeroskull. Jarre Technologies is a Berlin based brand founded by electronic music pioneer, Jean Michael Jarre, and optimal sound quality go hand in hand with design at Jarre Technologies.

The Aeroskull features two 15 Watt speakers hidden behind sunglasses with an impressive 40 Watt Sub Woofer covering the whole of the back of the skull, delivering an uncompromising listening experience.

Uniquely designed to arouse fascination and curiosity, the Aeroskull is a monument to design, power and precision. Creepy or creative, we can’t quite decide, but one thing’s for sure: the Aeroskull speakers from Jarre Technologies are certainly eye catching. The speaker with its strong visual presence is best suited for man caves and bachelor pads, and the top audio performance offered by it can spike up the parties like nothing else.

Now available at Surrender | Raffles Hotel Arcade & Salon By Surrender | Marina Bay Sands