Getting to know GORE-TEX®: nanamica & visvim

July 20, 2015

GORE-TEX® membrane contains billions of microscopic pores. Each pore is much smaller than a water droplet but larger than a molecule of water vapour. As a result, raindrops cannot pass through it, while at the same time letting the water from perspiration out. This is the basic functionality of GORE-TEX® products.

“nanamica wants to create highly functional signature pieces that match the contemporary mood. Pieces like that come from fusing deep-rooted traditions with our nanamica sensibility and state-of-the-art technology.” Takashi Imaki, nanamica designer

GORE-TEX® products have three major functionalities: waterproofness, breathability and windproofness. Garments that are designed & constructed without these functionalities cannot be called GORE-TEX® products. Each brand has to design and construct their garments so that they do not compromise the functionalities of GORE-TEX® products. That is why Gore checks all brands’ planned product designs at the sample stage to verify that they meet the full functionality specifications. On top of that, GORE-TEX® products cannot be sewn by just anyone; Brands that make GORE-TEX® products are only allowed to manufacture them at these specially certified factories.

“What sets GORE-TEX® products apart from other products incorporating waterproof breathable materials is waterproof testing at the product level. Gore guarantees products not only at the material level but at the product level too.” Eiichiro Homma, nanamica Managing Director.

Just as waxed cotton helped to change the game for travelers and outdoorsmen in the early 20th century, so too did Wilbert L. Gore and his son Robert when they invented the revolutionary fabric GORE-TEX®. Its technical properties and image of reliability have led to it being readily incorporated in applications that are getting further away from traditional performance and more into everyday living.

Exploring brands that have made GORE-TEX® a key performance and style element is none other than nanamica, a proudly Japanese brand that operates under the simple promise of making high quality products that stand the test of time.

“What’s great about Gore is that they think like a product designer even though they’re a materials maker. Their hangtag suggests letting Gore know if there is any problem. Normally, it’s the garment manufacturer or the retailer who’s accountable. But here you have the material maker at the far upstream end prepared to guarantee the product.”

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