Era Ora | A core of nostalgia and personal chronicles of Eunice

June 07, 2015

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when picking out an outfit, but pocket squares and scarves can add an instant boost of style and personality to an otherwise dull outfit. Era Ora is an haute couture label specializing in collections of scarves and pocket squares. “Era Ora means ‘Finally!’ or ‘It’s about time!’ in Italian. First, I liked the way it rolled off the tongue and more importantly it was symbolic to me as it was ‘about time’ I started off my fashion business, after hesitating for so long,” says Eunice Lim, founder-designer of Era Ora.

Drawing inspirations from travel coupled with art and photography, each Era Ora piece uses raw materials of the highest quality, while keeping in mind the constancy to the environment, taking care the production process, ensuring sustainable manufacturing. Doubling as wearable art, the prints take on a different look when draped or folded as a scarf or pocket square, where only the wearer knows what lies beneath – a core of nostalgia and personal chronicles of Eunice.

On top of that, Era Ora was recently comissioned by Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore to design a special edition collection of scarves and pocket squares, featuring images of the hotel.

Her collections, made with intricate processes and after-thought, are highly exclusive; limited production avoids mass distribution and retains a touch of individualism. The end product: Crafted in luxurious modal and cashmere for a snug disposition, is soft to the touch and directional in artistry. Its unconventional design speaks of the label’s progressive a la mode aesthetic, yet retains much charms of yesteryears.

Now available at Surrender | Marina Bay Sands online.