Christian Dada | Autumn/Winter 2015

After three years of the last Women’s show, CHRISTIAN DADA presents its brand new Fall/Winter 2015 Women’s collection at the Shibuya’s Hikarie at the Tokyo Fashion Week in Japan. Morikawa drew the inspiration for this collection from the memories when he was living in the UK. The journey to the past was like a love song – a lovely rendezvous with a woman named Valentine Fillol Cordier led to the creation of this collection “Valentine”. Reminiscing on her masculinity and love for music, Morikawa playfuly mixed the personalities of his muse into CHRISTIAN DADA’s dark romantic twist.

Morikawa has a tendency to incorporate elements of Japanese culture into each collection and this season he produced a series of striking looks in ornate oriental brocades - embroidered flowers, tigers and dragons on sleeves and jacket fronts added a bit of exoticism.

True to CHRISTIAN DADA's identity, there were plenty of all-black looks in sumptuous textures: Faux-fur hats and stoles, while pin-striped trousers with a matching injected a dose of sex appeal.

Along with his appreciation on traditional Japanese woven techniques, he is able to find a cultural balance between Western and Eastern designs by intertwining the two concepts and producing fresh and unique garments. Much of these traditional techniques are shown through his modern application of fabrics, delicate embroidery and intricate embellishments. With a talent for creating bold, Morikawa combines structure and fluidity where “opposite meets balance”.

Now available at Salon by Surrender | Marina Bay Sands