KTZ | Spring/Summer 2015

Founded in 2003, contemporary London-based fashion label Kokon To Zai (KTZ) is known for its attention to detail seen in intricate gem work, cut-out paneling, and opulent embossing, manifesting KTZ as a platform for creative projects.

KTZ is more than fashion, it is a fusion of worlds. The brand’s creative director Marjan Pejoski and CEO Sasha Bezovski have created an aesthetic that merges music, travel, and style into a seamless, unified global perspective. Each element is such a necessary component to the entire concept and vision of KTZ. The brand is more closely aligned to a lifestyle, a perspective that can’t help but seep into every person that wears it.

Kokon To Zai was started, “as a space where DJs, stylists, designers, and artists could all meet to collaborate on ideas and exhibit their art…a melting pot of creativity frequented by the adventurous and those who truly challenged normative attitudes.” From day one, Kokon To Zai embodied a rebellious, hodge-podge spirit, drawing together any and every source of inspiration. The melange seemed a natural one, a sentiment Pejoski endorses saying, “Our working relationship flourished naturally. We’re incredibly lucky that we can collaborate and work together.” The fashion label would fuse together the pair’s diverse passions and travels to create a brand embodying the infectious spirit of youth with a decidedly global perspective on style.

Spring/Summer 2015 suggests a will to subvert male verity, with Pejoski's inspiration based on Ancient Greece because of its "appreciation of masculinity." He said, "If you don't know the past, you can't get to the future." Evidently, the collection plays heavily with sportswear-on-steroids proportions.

This expansion of genres, while simultaneously blurring their boundaries, is also something that both defines and distinguishes KTZ. When KTZ first began, it would create a parallel capsule collaboration along with each collection, highlighting the duo’s favorite up-and-coming creatives.

Despite evolving as a brand, KTZ is still an open-minded cooperative, pulling from all artists and influences indiscriminately. “KTZ does not have an agenda,” he says, “we strive to promote a style for all that is universal and free from any socio-political views.” A liberated fashion brand permitted to create, grow, and appropriate precisely as it sees fit, incorporating all inspiration beneath their creative umbrella.


Now available at Salon by Surrender | Marina Bay Sands