Visvim | A Dissertation on Product Individuality

'A Dissertation on Product Individuality', Japanese designer and Visvim founder Hiroki Nakamura presents visvim's Spring/Summer 2015 collection. 

With an already established brand identity, Nakamura's imprint continues to pursue a unique vision. The brand is known for its Americana inspired designs which infuse workwear and traditional production methods, informed by extensive traveling across the globe. Nakamura continues to reference vintage Americana but took cues specifically from the customization of cars in the 1950s. "I look to many things in my travels for inspiration and I came across a Model A Ford Pick-up Truck from the 1930s... I strive to make product that has similar character," Nakamura said, and his cult following is a testament to that.

The Pick-up truck served as a backdrop to his collection - pieces were built for longevity much like the truck itself. The inspiration was taken literally on oxford shirts with sleeve details that nod to vintage automobiles, parking lots, gas stations and drive-in movie theaters.

Denim also received the specialist treatment; Visvim’s denim line is called Social Sculpture because, as Mr Nakamura explains, it is “constructed from the yarn up” and the process of dismantling the denim and reconstructing it to make it stronger is akin to sculpture.

Most of his exclusive fabrics are coloured with natural dyes that are impossible to control uniformly. This leads to variations in colour and unevenness – a quality that Mr Nakamura prizes. “It won’t be perfect, there’s an element you can’t predict, but I like that,” he says. “It’s key to our product.” To do this means blending old and new techniques. Mr Nakamura is an inveterate collector of items with patina, things that tell a story. He is a staunch advocate of preserving artisanal handmade craftsmanship while at the same time embracing cutting-edge technology so that his products represent the best of both worlds. 

Of course, this comes at a price. “I’m introducing the option that, maybe instead of buying five jackets, you can buy one that will last longer. I want to create things that can be vintage in the future,” says the designer by way of justification. 

Now available at Surrender | Raffles Hotel Arcade