Suiting for the kids. That is the Casely-Hayford father-son duo - with effortless weaving between the formal world of proper tailoring and a young, punk sportswear vocabulary. Casely-Hayford merges London’s two major menswear forces – Savile Row and the new guard. 
This time, the designers look to the Art Intervention movement to inspire their design process, which takes the ordinary and readdresses its significance and meaning through re-appropriation. Art Intervention’s true focus is on bringing the human touch and organic quality to a generation, which negates nostalgia and searches instead of the immediate, direct and graphic.
Spring/Summer 2015 presents a new exploration of English menswear cuts, looping in the anarchic via deconstructed sportswear and tailoring. An unfinished hem here, a pair of asymmetrical zips there, transforming oversized pinstriped coats from the 9-5 to the quintessentially punk.