Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh


Virgil Abloh operates across a pretty diverse section of creative genres. Formally trained as a civil engineer and an architect, he is also a Hood By Air collaborator, Kanye West's creative director and right-hand man, and part of the #BEENTRILL# crew. Now, OFF-WHITE is his lab for exploring fashion and streetwear crossovers. “I want to make clothing that’s relevant to the street, loaded with concept and ideas,” he says.




Inspired by the ocean and waves, creative designer Abloh presents his second men’s OFF-WHITE collection “Moving Still.”, clashing classic urban tricks of street with Baja surf culture.


Now with an atelier in Milan, Virgil has made clear his mission for OFF-WHITE: “The main goal is to transcend the street rationale and apply true design concept to graphic menswear using the best fabrics and techniques to communicate the brand’s identity.” With that in mind, the collection incorporates T-shirts and shorts as top layers; elongated mesh skirts; ponchos; and striking red, black and white monochrome ensembles.



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