Jon Buscemi, Co-founder and Creative Director of American luxury brand Buscemi, used his experience in luxury culture, travel and retail consumption in hopes to disrupt the men’s footwear industry. The result – a 100mm sneaker inspired by the Hermes Birkin bag. Armed with the desire to create a sneaker-world equivalent, the shoe eventually sold its entire original project run in a matter of days, and he was left with a shoe that would eventually take the world over.
Buscemi understood that in this digital age where things are a click away, there is pressure to flaunt possessions that no one else had. Made in Civitanova, Italy, at a factory that also produces goods for Chanel, gleaming 18K golden padlocks hang from the ankle straps with tiny keys included. In its first year, the shoes have been sold out more often than they have been in stock – all part of his plan to develop a brand that would be known for its scarcity.


Seasons later, collaborations, caps and aesthetically flattering female versions are now made available as well as their latest offering – a scaled down version of their signature classic, the Baby Buscemi which comes sterilized and available for infants 0 – 12 months.

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