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New Brand: emanuele bicocchi

April 18, 2016

A jewel reveals the wearers nature, his personality, his style.

Reflecting on how jewelry engages with the human body, Gino Diamanti, pillar of the Emanuele Bicocchi Tuscany-based company notes that the highlight of this Spring/Summer 16 collection are the chains. Combined with leathers, snakeskin, ostrich and black buffalo leather, these give rise to unique pieces that reflect and remain faithful to the brands rock image.

Daring styled necklaces, characterised by chains merged together with a vintage flavour; bracelets with fine intricate details and a touch of true grit; burnished silver rings, that sinuously adorn the wearers fingers.

Drawing inspiration from the 80’s, in particular from British Punk band ‘The Clash’, we see the armadillo —a distinctive symbol of the collection that was seen in the music video ‘Rock the Cashbah’. Designed and handmade by the designers in burnished silver and whose shell is decorated with studs and chains, this same reference can be found in the style of punk, in bracelets and belts completely decorated by hand-applied silver and gold studs, coming in various shapes and sizes. 

The use of gold in this collection was the one sure singular choice for the label. Pieces which marked the history of emanuele bicocchi such as the cross pendants and skull bracelets, have been reinvigorated by the introduction of yellow gold set against little black diamonds. Each piece on trend, meticulously hand-crafted, and made in Italy.

Emanuele, is supported by his close collaborators, including business partner and designer Gino Diamanti, together with wife Giulia Diamanti. Experience, creativity, business skills and talent are the key elements that characterise the brand, one that quickly became a fixture in the Italian and international fashion industry. It is the ultimate expression of elegance, and a true representation of the authentic Italian goldsmith’s tradition.